Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Erato - My Version is Better Than Yours

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a video of the Swedish vocal group, Erato, doing a cover of fellow Swede, Robyn's, "Call your Girlfriend".  The girls sing acapella whilst clapping hands in synchronous beat all the while tapping margarine tubs on the table. You know, as you do.  Of course, I've often wondered what it would feel like to write a song only to have some young buck come along with a margarine tub instrumental and be all kinds of wonderful, making your version look, quite frankly,'meh'.  

Naturally, after watching this, I immediately went into full on tupperware excavation mode and promptly decided I was going to learn an instrumental by rote with my dulcit tones rocking out some cool, unknown cover. My newly acquired skills would then be deployed whilst lanquishing at some hipster party.  I would start humming while some drunk dude lazilly strummed on the guitar, then some random chick would be all "ooohh sing something" and I'd be all "no, no, I couldn't possibl.... oh ok then".  Then I'd belt out my well rehearsed vocal, complete with hand gymnastics and everyone would be all "omg that was soooo amazing, seriously, you should record that" and I'd be all "oh,it was nothing".

Alas, then I remembered that a) I couldn't sing and b) I couldn't be arsed practicing any weird and wonderful synchronized moves.... So instead, I ate a crunchie and watched the video again.  Enjoy

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JC said...

Awesome... and totally makes me want to do sth equally as cool...but think I'll just copy you and enjoy a crunchie while watchin' it again. They take it so seriously! As well the whole set up reminds me of a horror film I was expectin' someone wearin' a scream mask to come runnin' through the door in the background!!