Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lucy Chadwick captured by The Selby

I'm slightly completely besotted with The Selby.   It's the site I "right click, save as.." more than any other.  In fact, I plan on decorating my gargantuan Tribeca loft apartment in a plethora of styles, inspired by Todd Selby's interiors photography.  

Oh.  Wait.  I must have dozed off.  That's not actually my life.  C'est le vie.   I'll just make do with ogling the pictures.  For now...

Selby's latest offering to catch my eye, was a video of gallerist Lucy Chadwick, undertaken for the Zara campaign. The video works two-fold: selling a lifestyle most would covet and cosy jumpers most could buy. Quite beautiful.

Here's a sneak peak at a previous photo-shoot The Selby undertook at Chadwick's London pad she shares with her hairstylist boyfriend, Duffy:

You can see more photos inside Lucy's home here

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Sabine said...

You have a really great home! I love your style!