Saturday, 12 November 2011

Now Why Didn't I Think of That

The other day I went to an art exhibition, where a clay "sculpture" of used teabags (yes, used teabags) was displayed alongside a fantastic portrait by Northern Irish artist Colin Davidson (albeit the portrait was of Brian Kennedy but I'll overlook that. This time.) Now, I'm as fond of a PG-tip as anyone but mon dieu, sacre bleu (and other words of astonishment French speakers never actually use) this is just silly.  Isn't it?  I imagine if I had created this mortification would have me skulking in the corner to see it displayed alongside such a skillfully painted portrait.  Art, pah.  What do I know.
Although... on second thought, perhaps I should empty out the contents of my bin, throw in a bit of cement, slap a £1000 price tag on it and name it "Rhapsody des ordures" (that's 'Rubbish' in French. In case you were wondering. I google translated it. Too. Much. Time. On. Hands)

(FYI the pic above is part of the series New Math by Chris Damrauer. Absolutely love them.)

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